Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time is Growing Very Short...

During the couple of months since my last post, I've been watching, listening and striving to understand the movement which is apparently intent on destroying our familiar American way of life. I have watched as Congress tries to jam a healthcare program down our unwilling throats that will not only ruin what healthcare we have, but also includes several measures to limit and completely inhibit our personal freedoms. I won't reiterate those here as we've all seen and read them ad nauseum, and "nauseum" is mostly what we feel afterward.

No, I decided to "question with boldness," as Glenn Beck advises, and tell you what I believe. I've debated making this available for public consumption, but if I don't stand up now, who will stand up for me later?

I've heard repeatedly, both from friends and TV commentators, that there doesn't seem to be anything to be gained personally by President Obama if we pass healthcare, increase taxes higher than in the history of the country, or impose any or all of the vast number of other proposed legislative measures. I've heard that it simply doesn't make sense to leave our borders open and exposed, to allow illegal immigrants to not only remain here, but to also provide them with the ways and means to do so, including free healthcare, driver's licenses, and food stamps. People have shaken their heads and rhetorically asked, "Why would anyone want to do this? What does he [Obama] stand to gain?"

Good questions. I think all of these link together to form a road leading to something so different from anything most of us can imagine, that it takes a real effort to connect it all. Stay with me, please, because I think I'm on to something, even if only in part. If I tell you what I've pieced together, maybe as events unfold you can then think about them from a different perspective and see things I've missed. I'm sure there are many, many things I've missed or haven't become aware of, and I would love to hear what you discern in the next few months.

So, here's what I've come up with, so far. These may seem like random ideas, but they tie together, so please bear with me:

Remember way back at the beginning of this administration (was that only January?), shortly after the inauguration, President Obama said that he thought it would be a terrific idea for the U.S. to become part of the European Union? Remember that? Well, Timothy Geitner also said, not too long after that little pronouncement, that he would not be opposed to the U.S. going to the Euro instead of the dollar. In an article dated March 26, 2009, entitled, "Judd Gregg: U.S. Too Broke for EU," W. James Antle, III writes:

"Sen. Judd Gregg, the New Hampshire Republican who nearly became President Obama's secretary of commerce, said today that the United States couldn't join the European Union because our deficit and debt levels are too high:

"'We won't even be able to get into the EU if we wanted to,' the Hill quotes Gregg as saying on MSNBC, 'because our government is so large and so huge.'

"'The European Union's Stability and Growth Pact requires a budget deficit of less than 3 percent of GDP and a national debt of less than 60 percent. The Congressional Budget Office is forecasting larger deficits than this under the Obama budget in the coming years.

"'We've been lectured by France on the fact that we're not fiscally responsible right now,' Gregg said. In other words, the United States has managed to go broke even before adopting a European-style welfare state."

When I read this, my first thought was that Sen. Gregg had to have been responding to the possibility that we might join the EU. Why bring it up otherwise?

So, are Obama and those supporting him behind the scenes, the financiers of his work - not just his campaign, but his work - bringing our economy down to the point where it will be able to join the EU?

Everything I can find right now shows that the U.S. economy still ranks slightly higher than the EU, but, the way we are going, I doubt that will last much longer. If the healthcare bill passes, we will then have basically the same healthcare here that is currently available in the European Union member countries. There may well come a time in the not too distant future that Obama, et al, can say to us and the EU, "Hey, we've already got everything in place, so why don't we just join the EU and be one big happy group?" It makes sense.

That's one part. Another is this: during the Bush administration, there was a lot of talk, and too much action, to create the North American Union. Currently, President Obama is contining that work, if quietly, by not closing our borders or taking care of the illegal immigrant problem, etc. Remember the handshake with Hugo Chavez? Remember what Fidel Castro said in January of this year? As reported in PressTV:

"Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has praised the new US President Barack Obama, calling him 'a living symbol of the American Dream.'

"'The intelligent and noble face of the first black president of the United States since its founding... has transformed itself under the inspiration of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King to become a living symbol of the American Dream,' he wrote ..."

Wouldn't it be great for Obama if he could not only unite North America, but all of the Americas into one great big, wonderful American Union? Let's see the EU refuse that!

Well, they'd have to have a leader, wouldn't they? Who better to lead than the man who brought them all together? Barack Hussein Obama, President of the World!

It may sound farfetched, or even crazy, but you must admit, it makes sense. Why else would he be working so hard for so little personal gain? Surely, it's not for the country because to do everything he's proposing is unconstitutional and will destroy the country as the Founding Fathers intended it to be. Why else? Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Still, Barack Hussein Obama and wife, Michelle, may appear to be the chosen ones to lead the world into a Utopian existence in the future, I do not believe they will be in that enviable position. For the third part of this picture, Enter George Soros. In his many years of quiet manipulation, Soros has single-handedly ruined the financial stability of numerous countries around the globe. His goal? Power. Plain and simple. He has no moral compass, no compassion, no ethics, no scruples; nothing that governs you and me in our daily dealings with each other exists in this man. His sole purpose in life is to control, well, everything. He does not, however, want to be in the spotlight - at least, not yet. So, he uses others to accomplish his goals. Those others include our president and his wife. I believe they have been promised greatness. I truly believe they have been promised that when the work is finished and the Americas are united, which in turn will lead to the merging of an American union with the European Union, which, it follows, will either absorb the remaining countries, or crush them on all fronts (including China and Russia, which will either join or have to be dealt with militarily), then we will be united into one big happy Earth family under one world government, and Soros will be king. I think that only then will he step out of the shadows, drop the puppet strings of those he's controlled up to that point, and he will take his rightful, paid in full place as President of the World. Not Obama. George Soros.

Soros, himself, has said: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

Please read this article which explains his character, or lack of it, and ambition much better than I ever could. I think you will see that we are already in a war to preserve not only our country, but the very nature of things in the world! As Soros, and those who work with him, continue to strive for one world government, a "world order," they are chipping away - sometimes in large chunks - at the very foundation of what makes our country great: our freedoms, our morals, our ethics, our uniqueness. This is not a battle between political parties, nor is it a battle between governments. It is a battle for our survival as a planetary community! If Soros and those who support him are successful, there will be no boundaries, no demarcation, no separate cultures, no individuality. The very things that make this country the "melting pot" of civilization will be gone because we will all be exactly the same. Individuality will be outlawed, as will religion, spirituality, cultural differences, all of which make us unique and wonderful! Under one "world order," we will conform or, well. I don't like to think what the "or" might be, but it won't be good, I can tell you that.

Please, don't be distracted by the minutiae of Kanye West or the vilification of distraught senators. Don't let the mainstream media wave a shiney object around so you follow it and ignore the big picture. The big picture is this: healthcare, ACORN, SEIU, Apollo Alliance (contributing authors of the stimulus package, an organization funded by Soros), the economic structure of all countries, but our's in particular as we seem to be the target of the Soros campaign now. To allow the Constitution to be tossed out the window is to pave the way for a steamroller to smoothe our way of life into one mushed up mess of uniformity. Any time we are asked to allow a government based anything is another step away from individuality and that will be our undoing.

Think! Please, think! Vote! Get your friends and neighbors to vote. Make a total and complete nuisance of yourself and work tirelessly to protect our way of life, even for those who don't yet know it's in peril. If we do it right, they never will. If we do it right, Soros and his gang (founders and supporters of ACORN, SEIU and the various splinter organizations, as well as the corrupt in Washington, D.C. who legislate and raise our taxes to support these organizations, the czars, and themselves rather than their constitutents) will be exposed for the crooks they are! If we do it right, the crooks will either serve time or be out of a job after the next election.

The time is now. It is up to us. The future of America, and the world, depends on the work we do today.